About our Day Centre

You do not need to be referred by a doctor or other health professionals, we will complete our own assessment, finding out what your loved ones likes and dislikes are, hobbies and interests, medications if any and devise our own personal care plan.

We accept Direct Payments and work closely with any professionals to help you get help with funding to attend Embrace Lodge. We also accept cash, card and bank transfer for payments.

You will have a service agreement and this will need to be signed by yourself or loved one, this allows you to reserve your place on a certain day, and you will be invoiced weekly in advance.

Day Centre
Day Centre


We are open 9-5 and the sessions are 9.30AM – 4.00PM for the full day at a cost of £57 this includes all snacks, refreshments and 2 course lunch and light tea.

Half days are 9.30AM – 1PM or 1PM to 4.00PM at a cost of £37.50 again this includes snacks, refreshments and either a 2 course lunch or light tea.

FREE Taster Sessions

We do offer FREE Taster Sessions, where you or your loved one can come and try the Day Centre, this session will be for 2/3 hrs. If you decide you would like to attend our Day Centre after the taster session, you will choose your days (as many as you like) and you will be booked in for those same days every week, you would need to give 2 weeks notice, or you will still be charged, if you don’t attend, but of course we will be as accommodating as possible to allow for appointments/holidays etc.

Pick up & Drop Off

We do offer a pick up and drop off service, subject to availability and assessibility,  this can be for as little as £5 each way depending on location. You or your loved one will be picked up by a fully qualified member of staff and brought safely to and from Embrace Lodge.

There is also an rideability bus, which can be booked for the Blackpool area, more details can be found on https://www.blackpool.gov.uk/Residents/Parking-roads-and-transport/Transport/Rideability.aspx

At the end of the session

At the end of each session a report will be filled out to be taken home, this will include:

Activities done, the menu for the day, what was eaten and how much fluid was consumed, toileting information, medication administered and any other relevant information. We find this gives peace of mind, especially if your loved one is living with Dementia.

Day Centre

Our Lodge Clients and Staff enjoying Englands win against australia in the football women's world cup

some pictures of Our lovely Clients and Staff in the lodge

Some examples of our meals